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In 2002 Testimony and Phoebe Kim commenced a coaching college in Castle Hill. They specialised in the preparation of students for OC and Selective School exams and quickly established a reputation for success in this field. The college developed and other courses were added so that all ages from K – HSC were covered.

In 2003, an alliance was formed with Cornerstone Bookshop and this developed into a Specialist Educational Bookshop supplying all manner of educational books to other colleges as well as the shop. Over the next two years the Kims purchased Cornerstone Bookshop and further expanded the sales of educational books.
As the college grew in size [now around 400 students] it was necessary to develop more of our own teaching materials to satisfy our need.

Early in 2014 it was decided to bring together the activities of the coaching college, the bookshop, and the growing curriculum research and development department.
These three specialist departments united under the name CS Education and they now work together to provide a complete service.

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